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All abut vegetarianism

Ten tips for new vegetarians
Thinking of switching to a meat-free diet? These tips will help you get started.

Understanding different types of vegetarianism
Confused about different veggie diets? Paula has the answers.

How to avoid conflicts with meat-eating housemates
Maintaining a vegetarian kitchen in a non-vegetarian household.

Help! I've got a vegetarian coming to dinner. I don't know what to cook.
Cooking for a vegetarian guest needn't be a problem. Here are some simple tips to help you out.

Links to other sites

Vegetarian and vegan organizations, clubs and societies
Some non-profit vegan and vegetarian groups from around the world.

Businesses offering products and services for vegetarians and vegans
These sites offer food, drink, travel, dating services and other products and services of interest to vegetarians and vegans.

Our favorite vegetarian and vegan blogs
Some suggested sites to help you keep up to date with the veggie world.

More vegetarian and vegan websites
Some miscellaneous links that you might find useful.

Famous vegetarians

Vegetarians in history
If you were to list every famous vegetarian, you would fill a large city's phone book. Here are a few particularly notable ones.

For the last *#$%!ng time, Hitler was not a vegetarian
Whatever else motivated the Fürher,it was not a desire for a cruelty-free life style.

Odds and ends

Robert Burns

Yes, you CAN have a vegetarian Burns Night supper
How to honor the 'immortal memory' of Robert Burns without sacrificing your veggie principles.

Books and music for a Burns supper
Celebrate the Scottish bard's birthday in words and music

A Scottish Food Glossary
A run-down of Scottish culinary terms (written with the vegetarian reader in mind).

A Kindle in the kitchen
Why my electronic book reader has a home on the counter top.

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