Why espresso machines make the best coffee

There are many different ways to make a cup of coffee. But it's the brew produced by the espresso machine that is loved by millions.

By Andréanne Hamel

In 1903, a businessman named Luigi Bezzera decided to look for a faster way to brew the coffee he loved. After a few experiments, he came up with a method of pressurizing the coffee beans and grounds. This led to a new process that created a faster and tastier cup of coffee.

Although the creation of the espresso is credited to several individuals, Bezzera is best known for this invention. Even in the early 1900s, his employees would stop to take a coffee break and, with the slow machines of that era, a lot of time was wasted on these breaks. Up until this time, the only way to produce coffee was through the process of the drip or soak systems.

Beans under pressure

Stove-top espresso maker

Machines such as a stove-top espresso maker (pictured left) can produce a better cup of coffee than a regular coffee maker because of the pressure involved in the brewing process. Making a regular cup of coffee involves dripping hot water onto ground beans, but a coffee espresso machine does the job in a lot less time by applying large amounts of pressure to force the hot water through the beans.

This pressurized process results in a significant amount of unwanted flavor being removed from the grounds, leaving you with a cup of rich dark brew that will taste much better than anything a drip machine can produce. You will get an even better result if you pack the coffee grounds as tightly as possible in the filter basket. The tight packing and high pressure will affect the outcome of the espresso. The coffee will be darker with a thicker level of foam.

Growing popularity

Automatic espresso maker

Thanks to its great taste and to the wonderful gadgets such as the super automatic coffee espresso machine (such as the one pictured right), many coffee shops have opened to take advantage of the growing consumption of espresso and other caffeinated beverages.

The typical espresso drink is a small shot of coffee that many will throw back and consume in one sip. However, increased demand has seen the creation of many variations of the espresso. There are many types of latte, cappuccino and macchiato. Virtually any coffee lover can find an espresso beverage that they love on the menu.

Making espresso at home

If you love the taste of espresso and want to make your own beverages at home, you can find many different coffee espresso machines on the market. However, a really good machine can be expensive and the price range could land in the high hundreds or more. A great cup of espresso is made when you have the right machine, bean or ground coffee and the expertise in bringing them all together.

July 2008

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