Our favorite vegetarian and vegan blogs

Some suggested sites to help you keep up to date with the veggie world

Like many active vegetarians, the editors here at Veg World have their favorite blogs that they like to visit on a regular basis. These sites help us to stay up to date with veggie and vegan news, introduce us to new recipes, and help us make useful contacts.

This page lists some blogs that we are especially happy to recommend.

Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen. Susan V has hundreds of superb recipes on her blog, all of which live up to the promise in the site's name. We especially appreciate the high-quality photos that illustrate the dishes (it's so nice to know what the finished product is supposed to look like before you start work on it). This blog is definitely worth a regular visit.

The Scottish Vegetarian. This blog is run by Veg World editor, Mike Lewis. The aim is to help you enjoy the finest Scottish vegetarian food, whether you're eating out or cooking for yourself.

Cupcake Bakeshop. An amazing collection of cupcake recipes from Cheryl Porro, a passionate cupcake baker who also writes well and takes terrific photos. If you like baking cupcakes as much as we do, this blog is the place to be.