Links to other vegetarian and vegan websites

Animal Concerns. A clearing-house of information related to animal rights and welfare.

Foraging with the 'Wildman'. The best site we know for anyone interested in learning about edible and medicinal wild vegetables, herbs, greens, fruits, berries, nuts, seeds and mushrooms. The 'wildman' is New York-based naturalist Steve Brill, famous for his foraging and eating tours of NYC parks. The site includes excerpts from Steve's fascinating books, as well as an amusing account of his arrest for eating dandelions in Central Park.

How to Successfully Become a Vegetarian. A free e-book packed with information for new and aspiring vegetarians. The site also hosts a veggie directory, a collection of recipes and a busy discussion board.

Vegan Family House. An informative and enlightening site from a vegan family in the north east of Scotland. It has information on veganism and parenting, plus lots of printable recipes and books.

Vegan Outreach. Promotes veganism through publications, newsletters and campaigns.

Vegetarian for Health. A source of information about becoming vegetarian, including types of vegetarian diets, health benefits, environmental impact, vegetarian and vegan recipes, and more.

Vegetarian Recipes and Cooking. An extrensive online vegetarian cookbook, full of healthy and delicious recipes from around the world. The site includes many exotic dishes, from Ethiopa, Indonesia, Jamaica, Laos and elsewhere. Great photos too.

Vegetarian Resource Group.  News, articles, educational resources and links.