Tuscan Bread Salad

The bread's the star in this excellent salad.

Vegan. Hands-on time: 5 mins. Total time: 5 mins.

Contributed by Mike Lewis (June 2005).

If you haven't had the pleasure of eating authentic Tuscan bread, do yourself a favor: track down a baker or delicatessen that sells it, and treat yourself to a loaf. Baked from a sourdough base and traditionally made without salt, it has a firm texture and a wonderfully rich flavor.

This somewhat unusual recipe uses Tuscan bread to liven up what would otherwise be a fairly pedestrian salad. It works best if the bread is slightly stale, although that's not essential. If you can't find Tuscan bread, you can easily get by with a light rye or a sourdough instead.

These quantities will make a tasty side salad for about six people.



Cut the bread into large chunks. Place in a service bowl, along with the cucumber, onion, tomatoes, lettuce and basil. Mix the oil, vinegar and lemon juice, and pour on the salad. Mix thoroughly.

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