Fried Vegan Cheese Sandwich

A temptingly delicious snack which only takes a few minutes to prepare. Despite the fact that it is fried, it is very low in saturated fats.

Vegan. Hands-on time: 5 mins. Total time: 10 mins.

Contributed by George Delaney (June 2003).

Fried Vegan Cheese Sandwich

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For a quick lunch that always tastes good, make a sandwich with two slices of good-quality bread. Instead of butter or margarine, spread the bread with a generous portion of tomato purée. Fill the sandwich with slices of vegan cheese and a few fresh basil leaves.

Using a pastry brush, lightly brush each side of the sandwich with olive oil. Then heat some more olive oil in a skillet and fry the sandwich on each side until it is golden brown.

I find that Soymage cheese always gives the best results in this recipe. Lacto-vegetarians can substitute their favorite hard dairy cheese.

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