Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes: Sides, Salads and Snacks

Our collection of delicious and healthy salads, patÚs, vegetable dishes, soups, sauces and unusual snacks from around the world. You'll find all these recipes easy to make, with impressive results.

Salads and Patés

Deviled Eggs
An attractive party dish which is trivially easy to make. Vegetarian.

Eggplant and Mushroom Paté
A delicious vegan paté. Vegan.

Lentil and Rice Salad

Lentil and Rice Salad
Lentils and rice make a great combination in this colorful and nutritious salad. Vegan.

Spicy Lentil Paté
A piquant paté which also makes an unusual sandwich filling. Vegan.

Munkazina Salad
The unusual combination of oranges and onions works surprisingly well. Vegan.

Mushrooms a la Grecque
An excellent way of cooking mushrooms in a rich tomato and herb sauce. Vegan.

The classic bulgur salad from the Middle East. Vegan.

Tuscan Bread Salad
The bread's the star in this excellent salad. Vegan.


Cock-a-leekie Soup (vegetarian style)
A filling and nutritious Scottish soup recipe. Vegan.

Vegetarian Scotch Broth
A meat-free version of a classic Scottish soup. Vegan.

Odds and Ends

Cranberry Sauce
Trivially easy to make at home. Vegan.

Indonesian Peanut Sauce (Satay Sauce)
A popular sauce from south east Asia that can be served with many vegan dishes.Vegan.

These traditional Jewish dumplings are a tasty addition to clear broths and soups. Vegetarian.

Vegetables and Side Dishes

Agra Peas
A delightful dish that captures the true flavor of northern India. Vegetarian; can be made vegan.

Baigan Bharta
An easy-to-prepare spiced eggplant dish that makes an excellent accompaniment to an Indian meal. Vegan.


A versatile vegetarian snack that's good to eat at almost any time. Vegan.

An interesting alternative to the usual ways of serving potatoes. Vegetarian.

Potato Dauphinoise
Potatoes cooked in cream and garlic - a delicious combination. Vegetarian.

Potato Kugel
With its crunchy crust and a creamy inside, this colorful savory dish makes a splendid accompaniment. Vegetarian.

Vegetable Pakora
An easy and healthy snack that will go well with any Indian meal. Vegan.

Unusual Snacks

Cheesy Tortillas
With its rich sauce and creamy cheese filling, this is an original and appealing way of serving tortillas. Vegetarian.

Fried Vegan Cheese Sandwich

Fried Vegan Cheese Sandwich
A temptingly delicious snack which only takes a few minutes to prepare. Despite the fact that it is fried, it is very low in saturated fats. Vegan.

Matzo Brei
Matzo and eggs go wonderfully well together in this appetizing Jewish dish.Vegetarian.

Tacos with Mushrooms and Tofu
An unusual and delicious low-fat snack. Vegetarian; can be made vegan.

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