Vegetarian and Vegan Main Course Recipes

Here are some of our top main course recipes - delicious meat-free entrées that are easy to prepare and full of nutritional goodness. Whether you're looking for a quick mid-week meal for hungry kids, or an impressive recipe for your dinner party, you'll find plenty to choose from in this selection.

Easy to Make

Brie and Zucchini Pie

Brie and Zucchini Pie
The veggies and cheese complement each other perfectly in this delicious and colorful dish. Vegetarian.

Chestnut Bake
The chestnut purée gives a delicious flavor and texture to this healthy dish. Vegan.

Chickpea and Lemon Burgers
Much healthier than the usual meat-based burgers. Vegetarian.

Halloumi and Vegetable Roast
An easy introduction to the traditional cheese of Cyprus. Vegetarian.

Hazelnut Pudding
An easy-to-prepare savory pudding with a truly unique flavor. Vegan.

Oven-Roasted Vegetables with Orange and Sage
A truly delicious way of serving vegetables. Vegan.

Vegetable and Walnut Loaf
An unusual and tasty combination of nuts and vegetables. Vegetarian.


Bubble and squeak
A wonderful combination of potatoes and cabbage. Vegan.

Lancashire hotpot (vegetarian version)
A substantial artisan dish that's healthy and filling, and which will warm you up on a cold day. Vegan.

Pan Haggerty
A winning combination of potatoes, onions and cheese. Vegetarian.

Parsnip and Split-Pea Bake
The humble parsnip has never tasted so good. Vegan.

Savory Bread and Butter Pudding
A satisfying main course dish that brings out the best in cheddar cheese. Vegetarian.

An excellent vegetable and cheese dish from Scotland. Vegetarian.


Butternut Squash and Apple Bake
A wonderful combination of flavors, making a delicious winter meal. Vegan.

Eggplant and Bean Casserole
A rich, warming stew that never fails to please. Vegan.

Mung Bean Casserol

Mung Bean Casserole
A substantial and warming dish that's also very healthy. Vegan.

Wild Oyster Mushroom Stew
Whether you buy the mushrooms at the market or forage for them in the woods, this stew will taste better than anything similar you've eaten before. Vegan.


Chickpeas in Tahini and Ginger
A delightfully rich and satisfying dish - you would never guess it was vegan. Vegan.

Spicy Bean Goulash
Captures the authentic flavor of Hungary. Vegan.

West African Peanut Stew
A fiery stew, full of exotic flavors. Vegan.

The Italian Vegetarian

Gnocchi di Patate with Roasted Vegetables
A truly delicious way of serving gnocchi. Vegetarian.

Potato and Vegetable Frittata

Potato and Vegetable Frittata
A traditional European egg dish that makes an appetizing main course or a tasty snack. Vegetarian.

Home-Made Gnocchi (Gluten-Free)
An easy-to-make alternative to the usual store-bought variety. Vegetarian.

Penne Pasta with Asparagus and Spinach
The asparagus and spinach go together beautifully in this lovely light pasta dish. Vegetarian; can be made vegan.

Polenta "Pizza" (Gluten-Free)
An excellent alternative to the traditional pizza. Vegetarian.

Wild Mushroom Risotto
A deliciously creamy and flavorsome rice dish, with a true Italian taste. It's also very low in fat. Vegetarian; can be made vegan.

Something Unusual

Aduki Bean Roll
A substantial main course dish of beans and mushrooms cooked in a crispy pastry case. Vegetarian; can be made vegan.

Broccoli Pasta Soufflé
An excellent recipe that transforms an everyday pasta dish into a touch of luxury. Vegetarian.

Gluten-Free Broccoli Flan

Gluten-Free Broccoli Flan
An easy-to-make savory pie. Vegetarian.

Hazelnut and Bean Burgers
The vegetarian answer to the Big Mac? Vegan.

Make-in-Advance Cheese Soufflés
An ingenious idea - much easier to make than a traditional soufflé. Vegetarian.

Mushroom and Blue Cheese Flan
A light, savory pie with a memorable taste. Vegetarian.

Mushroom and Rice Loaf
The rich, nutty flavor makes this an excellent centerpiece for a vegan dinner. Vegan.

Nut and Vegetable Terrine
The cashews and celery combine to give this colorful dish a wonderful nutty texture. Vegetarian.

Vegan Onion Flan
A rich and substantial savory pie. Vegan.

Zucchini Puff Pie
A delicious and unusual way of using zucchini. Vegetarian.

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