The classic bulgur salad from the Middle East.

Vegan. Hands-on time: 5 mins. Total time: 5 mins (plus soaking).

Contributed by Moira Adams (October 2010).

Tabbouleh is a hugely popular salad which originated in the mountain regions of Syria and Lebanon. Like so many Middle East dishes, it can now be found all over Europe and North America. Fortunately, it's also very easy to make at home.

As well as being colorful, tabbouleh is also very healthy, thanks mainly to the large amounts of parsley - an exceptionally good source of Vitamin C, iron and calcium.

Tabbouleh is traditionally stuffed into pita pockets or wrapped in vine leaves. Of course, it's just as delicious eaten on its own or as part of a main-course salad.

The quantities given here will make about four portions.



Rinse the bulgur wheat under running water, place it in a large bowl, and cover it with plenty of boiling water. Leave it to stand for an hour or until the grains have absorbed the water and become tender.

Mix all the other ingredients.

Using a sieve, drain the water from the bulgur, squeezing out the excess. Add the bulgur to the other ingredients, mix well, and leave to stand for 15 minutes before serving.

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