Vegetarian and vegan organizations, clubs and societies

National and international

Action for Animals. A US-based group that campaigns for action to end animal suffering and promote a vegan lifestyle, through educational outreach, demonstrations and media involvement. The group offers a free vegan start pack.

International Vegetarian Union. An umbrella group for vegetarian societies from all over the world. Their site includes articles, recipes, famous vegetarians, vegetarian phrases in many languages and a listing of veggie-related events world-wide. The site's content is in eight languages.

North American Vegetarian Society. A non-profit educational organization working to promote the health, nutritional, environmental and compassionate benefits of a meat-free diet.

Vegan Society. UK-based organization, campaigning for "ways of living which avoid the use of animal products - for the benefit of people, animals and the environment."

Vegetarian Society UK. Leading UK vegetarian group. Their site includes factual information for vegetarians and those thinking of making the switch.

Vegetarian Union of North America. Umbrella group for US and Canadian vegetarian groups. Their aim is "to supply vegetarian organizations and individuals with information that will help you organize and maintain a strong vegetarian lifestyle". Their site includes a directory of local groups. The content is in English, Spanish and French.

Local groups in Canada

Raw Food Society of British Columbia (RawBC). A raw-vegan non-profit organization that provides information about plant-based diets in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The site includes articles, recipes, a forum and a raw vegan e-zine.

Vegetarians of Alberta

Toronto Vegetarian Association

Local groups in the USA

Boston Vegetarian Society

Vegetarian Society of Colorado

The Vegetarian Society of the District of Columbia

Vegetarian Society of Hawaii

San Francisco Vegetarian Society

Vegetarians of Washington